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Communication Department  of Baptist Full Gospel Church - IBEP, was created in July 2015, in order to publicize the events held in the Church and also to support the site built in commemoration of its 20 years.


The Department will support the church in the communication of its activities, as inside and outside public. We will seek to promove and use the techniques and modern  media, in the most efficient way to propagate more quickly the Gospel.


We shall maintain an informative focus, positive and accurate approach in order to design the church and its message to help the public to know the Ministry IBEP: an Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, responsible, loving, very active and is constantly growth since its foundation (1995).


The functions of the  Communication  Department  are : to maintain the Church's website ( online, with information about the Church and Departments (based on information provided by own department leaders); promote greater and more efficient use of all media to spread the Christian message; transmission services on Sunday evening on the Internet (in the near future).


It consists of a group of brothers trained in Social Communication, Web Designer, Marketing, Computer Science, all together in order to do the best for the Lord's work.


Sister Graça Moura Oliveira

Leader  Communication Department

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