The  Department  of Praise of the Baptist Full Gospel Church  is consisting of brothers and sisters with a specific calling in the worship area. The group is distributed as follows: An adults choir , a teenagers choir, a male quartet, a female quartet, a praising group and a double praise.

The worship team since the foundation of the Ministry BEP, consists basically of the same members who diligently attend the activities at church such as: Cults, weddings, retreats, baptisms, large of worship presentation and funeral services.

Praise team IBEP

Choir IBEP presentation

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The IBEP's Coral, today nineteen, had his first performance in 1996 with the participation of 31 voices and currently has approximately 200 voices.


The IBEP's Male Quartet  has a classic style to worship and  with its seven years old, it  has been maturing and seeking to improve their knowledge in this area for in all things the Lord's name be glorified.

The Light of the World Choir (Teenagers's choir) did first presentation in  2013 and has been blessing in IBEP's  Ministry. They are true jewels ready for stoning being prepared for the Lord and with exquisite voices praise and offer as the first fruits of their lives to God.


The IBEP’s Female Quartet is the newest group of the Ministry whose activities started in 2013 and is formed by sisters that devote their time to worship.

In addition to the groups formed, the Lord has raised brothers who make presentations in trios, duets and solos, and also composers of hymns and congregational praise.

Sister Lindalva  Maria da Silva

Leader of Praise Department

Presentation of duets