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The Social Department is responsible for all retreats, lunches and snacks from The Gospel Baptist Church Full. 


How good and pleasant to be in unity with the brothers of the Church!


That's our goal, to make the Church be ever more united day, and nothing better than eating when we are together!


Our commitment is not only to make the most chilled and tasty food you have ever experienced, but support for the church has beautiful moments in the presence of the Lord where God can work wonders and transform lives!


All this to impact lives beyond ourselves!

The Social department members

You can participate in all events organized by the department. For this pay attention to the warnings!  


We would like to see it in one of our events. Join! It will be a blessing to count on your presence! 


You can be registered in the Social Department room. There we also sell t-shirts Mount Horeb, DVDs and CDs.


Life can be very hectic at times, but I encourage you to come and participate in our events, sure you will not be disappointed!


And this small beginning, this unit step in your Christian journey, you can only most important time to take you to your life!


Sister Therezinha Sábio

Leader of the Social Department

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