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In Christ we find the greatest expression of love to the neighbor.


Thus, service to others takes on His body the clarity of it.


Be a deacon is to assume the responsibility on serve  the visible and spiritual body.


Deacon who does not live to serve Lord's Church is no deacon, because the essence is in service.


The diaconate is the ecclesiastical function most prestigious and widespread in evangelical churches, because they are essential for the proper functioning of God's Work.


In these twenty years of IBEP, the Diaconal Department has been adding for the man of God, Pr. Balmir, here called the little servant, to the growth of God's work, which throughout its history has healed and freed people from captivity.


In IBEP, to be consecrated to the diaconate, a person must be married, baptized in the waters and with the Holy Spirit; should feel the call of God and after surch the pastor to confirm this calling. Only then will initiate the work as a Contributor.


The Diaconal Department began with six workers consecrated in 1996 and 07 more in 1997. Today we have 115 deacons, 141 deaconess, 14 mens collaborators and 05 women collaborators.


"And spread abroad the word of God, so that is very multiplied the number of disciples in Jerusalem and many priests were obedient to the faith" (Acts 6.7).


Brother Régis Paiva

Leader of the Diaconal Department

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