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The Youth of the Baptist Full Gospel Church  is a stark contrast to the reality offered by the world and its numerous "pleasures". The secret, no doubt, is one of the main features of the Ministry IBEP, the possibility of having a genuine intimacy with God and follow his directions (Psalms 1 and Psalms 27.3).

Youth retreat on Mount Horeb

And this is the difference! We can have a profound communion with God as the point Him to speak to us. This learned in IBEP, this is the focus of Youth (Matthew 6. 33).


The Youth Department is a reflection of what is our Pastor Balmir Rodrigues da Cunha, an example of spiritual leader, who lives what he preaches and preaches that lives! When there is real leadership, inspiring, tangible, living testimony of what being filled with the Holy Spirit, things are easier (Hebrews 13.7).


The Youth IBEP, known as the largest in the Triangulo Mineiro, is made up of hundreds of young people. Of these, about three hundred are formally registered in the Department.


 There are several activities developed by the Youth Union. We can highlight the Cult of Youth, retreats and prayer vigils.

Cults Youth happen in church on Saturdays at 08:00 p.m; retreats organized by Youth held twice a year and are conducted on Mount Horeb and prayer vigils take place on Fridays, starting at 11:30 p.m, also on Mount Horeb.


It is with love that we invite you, dear reader, to safely engage in this Ministry faithful to  God's Word, to have true and deep experiences with God, and like so many others, to enjoy an intense relationship with Christ, without human inventions. Come to become a testimony of changed life in the name of Jesus!


Brother Vitor Peixoto

Leader of the Youth Department

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